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If you want to create labels or envelopes from Word , Click on Mailings, and then on Create. You can also choose the option of Start Mail Merge when you are required to perform a mail merge.

Office Word Review tab — Review your work by clicking on Review. You will see numerous other options under this umbrella. Click on Proofing or Tracking to know the word count, track changes, and check grammar and spelling.

Word View tab — Sometimes you need to view the document in different forms such as print layout and full-screen reading. To do this, click on View, and then choose from the groups of Show, View, and Window.

One of the new features in MS Word is the ability to save your files online. As mentioned above, you can sign in using your Microsoft account. For this, you need to have the SkyDrive app on your desktop. You can then access the Word files you have saved on your SkyDrive and make changes to them, which are synced right away.

Lets take a look at this option next in our tutorial on MS Word When you invoke the File Menu Backstage View explained earlier, you will get the following graphical image. Notice in addition to saving on the computer, now you have the ability to save to Cloud Storage directly from within Word How cool is that??

Now you can access your Word documents anywhere, anytime! You can clearly see that I have multiple folders in my SkyDrive. This also gives you the option for working in collaboration with someone else on the same file. Accessing the SkyDrive, two people can open the same Microsoft Word file and work on it simultaneously without any hassle. This is yet another way MS Word gives you another option to collaborate and work with others.

You can add online images to your Microsoft Word documents but more significantly, you can directly insert YouTube videos link into the open document. To add a video to the document, you have to click on Insert Tab on the Ribbon. Under Insert menu, you will find a Media tab. The Online Video option is displayed there. Clicking on the Online Video icon would open a popup window on the screen. By doing this, you get the chance to add any video you want to your document, provided you have the embed code for it.

Lets show you this in action. We would like to add a video of my favorite car, Porsche to our document. How do we do that?? Go to the insert tab and do the following:.

Enter the video you are searching for and hit Enter. The popup enables you to search for videos on Bing or YouTube. Moreover, you can add videos through the embed code in MS Word if you know it. Otherwise, you can search for the video you want and embed it in the Word file.

This gives you the option to any of the billions of videos currently posted on YouTube. There are multiple layout options which you can choose once the video has been added to the file. You simply have to click on File and select Print. You will see the Print Preview option there. Clicking on it will open the document in the Print Preview mode. In some instances, Microsoft Word will reduce the size of the document or font to show you a clear picture of how the printed version would appear.

You can use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to increase the size if you are having readability issues. Once again, you need to click on File and then select the Print option. When you do so, you will notice a counter asking you the number of copies you want to print of the document. This is pretty similar to the previous versions of MS Word so you should have much trouble understanding this. Simply select the number of pages you want printed and click on Print.

Click the arrow at the top of the list of options to return to the original document. But also many other tutorials are accessible just as easily!

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